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LAKHIMPUR KHERI: A 12-year-old girl was gang raped and brutally murdered by six men in the UP Lakhipur Kheri, presumably on the instruction of his 19-year-old sister who was having an affair with one of the young men. The incident caused shock among the locals when the men violated the little girl using sugarcane stalks and gouged out her eyes, before strangling her with a dupatta.
The child’s mutilated body was found on Tuesday in a cane field. Police said the girl found out about her older sister’s affair and threatened to tell her parents. Cops added that a shocking part of the horrific assault was that the woman herself took her brother to the place where her six friends were waiting to commit the crime. Four of them took turns to rape her while two made sure no one entered the field. The woman would hold the victim’s hands to restrain her the entire time.
“The deed revealed the amount of hatred in the defendant’s mind for her younger sister. After her sister was killed, she came home and started acting like everything was normal. When her parents started to looking for her missing daughter, she told her mother that she had gone to a particular reed field to relieve herself, “SP Sanjeev Suman told TOI.
“All the accused are of age and therefore have been sent to jail,” the SP said.


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