Paris Olympics chiefs cut official transport due to cost of living crisis | world news

The leaders of the Paris Olympics are looking to save money to respond to the economic difficulties caused by inflation – starting with the reduction of official transport.

The aim is to reduce the number of vehicles by 30-40% compared to the pandemic-restricted Tokyo Games and to send accredited personnel to the Paris metro and other public transport, the Paris CEO said on Tuesday. 2024, Etienne Thobois.

Officials, sponsors and media are used to having access to dedicated cars or buses that use dedicated Olympic lanes in host cities.

Paris 2024 is also trying to reduce the rental time of venues and training facilities to reduce costs.

Mr Thobois revealed the cost-cutting measures after International Olympic Committee inspectors spent three days assessing the plans in Paris.

He said: “We can work on marginal gains and balance the budget.”

Inflation is 6% in France, where the budget for the Olympics and Paralympics has already reached more than 8 billion euros (£6.9 billion).

The chairman of the Paris 2024 coordination commission, Pierre-Olivier Beckers-Vieujant, spoke of the need for budgetary “optimizations” such as the cost of living crisis was aggravated by Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The IOC member said: “Obviously I’m not naive, I know the world has changed. There hasn’t been a country that hasn’t been spared if you think about inflation.

“We can work on marginal gains and balance the budget.”

It will be the first Olympics and Paralympics without coronavirus restrictions on crowds since 2018 after the Tokyo Summer Games and Beijing Winter Games were largely held behind closed doors.

But the specter of war hangs over the preparations for the French capital which will host the Olympics for the third time.

Mr Beckers-Vieujant said: “We need to make the most of the challenges that the economic and geopolitical environment presents us with. We can think about games differently while still fulfilling the mission.”


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