NAGPUR: At 78, Padmini Jog has just completed his “Mission Kashmir”: teaching soldiers on breathtakingly beautiful terrain how to breathe easily through pranayam.
If the second fortnight of September was special for the Army jawans along J&K’s LoC at Kupwara, it was more so for the wife of the army veteran and yoga expert from Nagpur.

Padmini Jog

Over 1,600 soldiers in 11 advanced positions received yoga and pranayam lessons from Padmini, who has been leading free camps for decades. But the Kupwara sessions of September 17-28 were filled with nostalgia: her late husband With the Pratap Jog he had fought the wars of 1965 and 1971 in the region.
“It was one of my life goals,” Padmini said. “I could travel through the hills, conduct fields almost every day, even that at 12,300 feet,” she added.
Trained in Nagpur Janardanswami Yogabhyasi Mandal in the 1980s, the Jogging she underwent advanced training from yoga guru Ramdev in Haridwar in 2005. Subsequently, they started free camps for schools, associations and army companies.


Before Colonel Jog’s death in 2014, the couple had organized 562 of these camps together. “I decided to move on. The fields are now over 950. But my dream was to visit the stakes forward and train our jawans,” Padmini said.
Traveling through hills and mountains for six to seven hours a day, spending nights in advanced bases, and conducting camps early in the morning was his program for nearly a fortnight.
“In one module, I teach seven types of pranayam, seven micro-exercises, seven yogasanas, yoganidra and drugs. Jawans, who stay away from their families and work in difficult climatic conditions, benefit greatly from this module,” Padmini said. .

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