Yorkshire’s Rafiq, Gale reprimanded for historical social media posts | Cricket News

Former Yorkshire Spinner Azem Rafiq and former coach Andrew Gale are among five players who have been reprimanded by England Cricket Disciplinary Committee (CDC) for historical social media posts, the Country Cricket Board (ECB) said.
Rafiq, who spoke out last year against the racism he faced in Yorkshire, apologized for using anti-Semitic language in a Facebook post from 2011, while Gale was suspended by the club in November for a tweet he sent in 2010.
Gale, then captain of Yorkshire, used an anti-Semitic slur in his tweet, which has been deleted. He later said he was “completely unaware” of the offensive nature of the term at the time.

Custard Danni WyattSomerset fast bowler Jack Brooks and Birmingham Phoenix’s Eve Jones were also reprimanded.
Wyatt and Jones’ accusation relates to a 2013 “Blackface” Instagram post while Brooks used racist language in past tweets.
“The CDC today released its decisions regarding the charges brought by the ECB against five former and current professional cricketers,” the governing body said in a statement on Monday.
“Each of Jack Brooks, Andrew Gale, Evelyn Jones, Azeem Rafiq and Danielle Wyatt have admitted breaching ECB Directive 3.3.”
Rafiq said he was embarrassed and ashamed of the messages.
“You will hear no complaints from me about the CDC’s decision today. It is deserved and I fully accept this rebuke. I want to repeat my apologies to the Jewish community,” the 31-year-old wrote. years on Twitter.
“I hope I have demonstrated over the last 10-11 months that I try to educate myself about the horrors and prejudices that the Jewish community has historically.”
Rafiq’s explosive allegations of institutional racism at Yorkshire rocked English cricket last year, leading to sweeping changes at the club and also encouraging other victims to come forward.


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