Tom Brady said he has used both physical and mental therapy to treat his mental health in recent years so he can “be good to the people around me”.

Speaking on his “Let’s go!” podcast alongside co-host Jim Gray on Monday, the 45-year-old quarterback spoke about the “intense amount of stress” he faced during his 22-year career in the NFL.

“Everyone has different situations in their life and their children and you worry about their mental health. You worry about your parents [and] obviously yourself,” Brady said.

“I think I had to learn a lot over a long period of time in the sport. I think we all deal with an intense amount of stress, and how do you relieve it so you don’t inflict so much damage on yourself through some sort of stress response? »

He added: “So [it’s] something that I’ve always kept trying to work into, and that’s obviously a challenge for me and different forms, whether it’s physical therapy or mental therapy, all those things that I’ve definitely done over the year.

Brady endured an unusually bumpy start to the 2022 NFL season, with problems on and off the field.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneer quarterback retired in February only to later reverse that decision. Midway through training camp in August, Brady took 11 days off to “take care of personal things,” according to his head coach Todd Bowles.

In September, Brady twice hinted that retirement wasn’t too far away, saying he was “near the end” of his NFL career.

Earlier this month, a source close to Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen told CNN the estranged couple have each hired divorce lawyers and are “exploring their options” regarding their marriage.

CNN reported last month that Brady and Bündchen had been having “marital issues,” according to a source close to the couple.

On the field, the Brady Bucs have had a rough start to the season. They are currently 3-2 and sit atop the NFC South, but have suffered bad losses and disappointing performances.

Brady said Monday the importance of addressing mental health in sport is often underestimated.

“I think there was a part of us where we longed to suck it up and deal with it,” Brady added. “And I think you realize there’s a lot, especially these days, with how quickly things happen in life for all of us, and how much responsibility we have.

“You often hear that from people who say, ‘I’m just human. We’re just human. We’re not inhuman. We’re not immune to a lot of things that life brings us.We are not robots.

Brady said having a ‘great support system’ helped him cope with the pressure he faced during his storied career, during which he won seven Super Bowl titles .

“You wake up every day trying to do your best, understanding that life has its stresses and dealing with it with a great support system and understanding and having some introspection in your life where you can look and say, where do I spend my time and energy?” he explained.

“And how can I reduce some of the stress and lighten the burden on me so that I can be good to the people around me? So those are all different things that you work on. I worked for them when I was 20.

“There were a lot of things I was going through when I was 20. There were a lot of things I was going through in my thirties. There are things I go through in my 40s.

“And that’s life. And you learn to grow and you learn to manage life. And that’s what we all try to do. We try to do it as best we can. »

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