MUMBAI: Injuries to India’s top market leaders, Jasprit Bumrah and Deepak Chahar, who excluded them from the next T20 World Cup in Australia, sparked a debate: should Indian star cricketers be given the opportunity to ‘rest’ in the IPL? Chahar had to miss the IPL with a hamstring injury, while a back injury ruled Bumrah out of the World Cup. Former India all-rounder, coach and commentator Ravi Shastri says resting one of India’s top players for a few IPL games was one area where his former World Cup-winning teammate from 1983 Roger Binnywho should be the new president of the BCCI, must consider his resumption of function.
“With the volume of cricket that exists today, it is extremely important that you strike the right balance as to how much a player plays. When should he rest? And there a chairman (BCCI) can play a great role tomorrow if any cricketer for the sake of playing for india has to rest in the IPL for a certain number of matches so be it. must sit down with the franchise and explain that he is extremely important for India first and then the franchise,” Shastri stressed while speaking to veteran journalist Ayaz Memon during a “Meet-the-media” program. at the Mumbai Press Club on Wednesday.

“Discussions can take place with the management of the team, to find out which are the players who need rest, who, if they continue in this way, will be exhausted. And then pass that on to the franchise. Under no circumstances get into the franchise way but in a nice way telling them that he is an important player for India. The national interest is paramount,” Shastri stressed.
He also expressed concern over the frequent breakdowns of India’s top pacers despite being rehabilitated for long spells at the National Cricket Academy. “It was the most frustrating thing for me as (India coach), when you lose key players to injury. We did two tours of England and New Zealand. In all these tours, Bhuvneshwar Kumar was injured, where he would have had a bag full of wickets with his skills. Now you see that Chahar has barely played, and he is injured. I was looking at the stats, Bumrah has played 5 games since the last T20 World Cup and he is injured, so you have to look at it very seriously, as to why this is happening,” Shastri said.

Shastri stressed that as BCCI chairman, Binny must also focus on improving spectator facilities at stadiums. “Binny is a very lovable guy, he has his own mind. He may not be the flippant type, but when he opens his mouth I’m sure he will be heard, especially on cricket matters. One area that he would look at and Indian cricket needs to look at is the fact that you need to make Indian cricket a spectator friendly sport so for me the most important thing is that the facilities on the ground are upgraded in depth. with the kind of money that goes into the sport, the kind of people that go into the ground, they have to get the best facilities. If that happens, the popularity of the sport will increase even more,” Shastri pointed out.
Shastri was understandably delighted that his 1983 World Cup-winning teammate Roger Binny was now set to become BCCI president. “I’m delighted because he was my colleague in the World Cup. There’s a continuity there because he was president of the Karnataka State Cricket Association. So he became president of the BCCI. And I’m extremely happy. because he is a World Cup winner, who is the president for the first time in the history of the BCCI. His credentials are unquestionable. He has all the boxes checked to occupy this position”, has salute Shastri.

“I would give Surya a chance at Test Cricket”
Should Shastri succeed, dashing batsman Suryakumar Yadav, who has been in blistering form in the T20Is, having scored 1,045 runs in 34 games at 38.70 at a phenomenal 176.81 strike rate, would soon make his Test debut. of cricket. “I would also like to give him a chance in Test cricket. If I was the captain of the team, he would be very present for me. Just to surprise the opposition in the middle and take the game away (from I mean, he there’s no rule that he can’t play in the biggest format in the game,” Shastri said.

Explaining what makes ‘Sky’, currently T20Is’ current No. ‘mind of the bowler. He plays with the mind of the bowler, with the pitch of the bowlers. He has the audacity to try to hit the ball against which the pitch is placed, which means that you have to get into position early. So I think his anticipation, reading what a bowler is doing, plays a huge part in his batting, and he’s been brilliant doing that. You’ll see a few shots he plays. I haven’t seen too many players playing those shots. AB (de Villiers) at his peak probably did that for a while. You don’t hit a ball from the middle and the leg to the screen from the back! I mean, that’s was an unprecedented blow in our time. But he does it so easily and consistently, you have to take your hat off to him. He can light up the T20 World Cup.”
“It’s the best batting team in India”
Shastri praised India’s current batting line-up, calling it “the best India has had in the last 6-7 years in the T20Is”. “I think this is the best batting team India has ever had in T20 cricket. With Surya (Suryakumar Yadav) at No. 4 Hardik (Pandya) at No. 5, Rishabh/DK at 6, they have makes a huge difference. It allows the higher order to play the way they play, which is great – they attack the opponent. Where, if you’re 2-down on the power play, you still have the ammo on the return, for constantly facing bowlers, which hasn’t been the case for a while,” he complimented.
Shastri felt that India’s incendiary and star-studded batting roster will give them a huge shot at winning the T20 World Cup which kicks off in Australia later this month. “Australian lanes suit their batter. We are one of the best batting teams in the tournament. And once you have the best team in the tournament, no matter how you bowl or bowl, you have a chance to win the You make it to the semis, your batter comes off, you can beat any opponent that day,” he said.
Pinpointing the reason behind India’s roster drop, Shastri said: “For a long time we were among the best teams on the pitch in the world. I think the emphasis on fitness is getting very In my day, we had the yo-yo (test). People didn’t care. The yo-yo was never for the selection, it educated the players: “Be in shape. And it’s only better for you.” It made a huge difference. Not just in the way they played, but also in the way they moved around the pitch. I mean, the number of outings that they could create, out of nowhere, is unreal. And what is worrying is the number of times you have allowed the opposition to score more than 200 points in the last few months. People will blame the bowling This is also the field, where if you save those 20 points, that 200 becomes 175-180.
“Anyway, I see India having a new team after this T20 World Cup, much like the team that went (to South Africa for the World Cup in 2007, when he didn’t There was no Tendulkar, Dravid or Ganguly, and MS Dhoni captained a youth team in the first T20 World Cup. It can happen,” he predicted.

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