Elon Musk is being investigated by federal authorities for his conduct in his $ 44 billion (£ 39 billion) Twitter acquisition deal, the social media company said in a court filing.

The richest man in the world recently announced that he would do it go ahead with the purchase of the platform for the hefty sum, after months of legal battles.

Twitter, which sued the Tesla boss in July to force him to close the deal, said Musk’s lawyers had claimed the “investigative privilege” by refusing to hand over the required documents.

In late September, Musk’s legal team had provided a “privilege log,” which identified the documents that needed to be hidden, according to the social media giant.

The register referred to drafts of an email to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a slide presentation to the Federal Trade Commission.

While the court filing, which was released Thursday, claimed the billionaire was under investigation, it didn’t explain why.

Instead, he asked a judge to order Mr. Musk’s lawyers to hand over the documents.

The filing was filed on October 6, the same day the Delaware judge suspended the litigation between the two parties after Mr. Musk announced he would proceed with the settlement.

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Elon Musk’s Twitter deal is back

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“This game of hiding the ball has to stop,” Twitter said in the document.

One of Musk’s attorneys, Alex Spiro, said the filing was a “misdirection” by the company, adding, “It is the Twitter executives who are under federal investigation.”

Twitter declined to comment on Spiro’s statement.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Musk has been questioned, with the SEC previously asking him about the comments he made regarding the Twitter acquisition.

In April, the SEC asked Musk if the disclosure of his 9% stake on Twitter was delayed and why it indicated that
intended to be a passive shareholder.

He then re-applied to prove he was an active investor.

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