MEXICO CITY: The United States has told Mexico it will consider granting humanitarian access to migrants of other nationalities following an agreement this week for Venezuelans, the Mexican foreign minister said Marcelo Ebrard said Friday.
Under a plan announced Wednesday, Washington will grant up to 24,000 Venezuelans humanitarian access to the United States by air, while allowing US officials to deport those who try to cross illegally by land to Mexico. .
The two countries launched the plan in a bid to contain a record number of illegal crossings of the US-Mexico border by Venezuelans and people from other countries, which has put US President Joe Biden under pressure from political adversaries.
Speaking at a press conference, Ebrard described the 24,000 spaces for Venezuelans as a first step and said U.S. officials had indicated the plan could be expanded.
“At the moment they are Venezuelans, but they told us they would consider other nationalities in due course,” Ebrard told reporters. “We view this positively.”
He added that Mexico has also seen an increase in migrant arrivals from Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador in recent months.
The Biden administration has also considered including Cubans and Nicaraguans in the latest border management plan, two U.S. officials told Reuters this week.

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