SHANGHAI: China reported 921 new Covid-19 infections on October 16, of which 245 were symptomatic and 676 were asymptomatic, the national health commission said Monday.
That compares with 1,026 new cases a day earlier – 244 symptomatic infections and 782 asymptomatic infections, which China counts separately.
There were no new deaths, like the day before, keeping the death toll at 5,226.
As of October 16, mainland China had confirmed 2,56,018 cases with symptoms.
The capital Beijing reported 13 symptomatic and two asymptomatic cases, compared with 17 symptomatic cases and three asymptomatic cases the day before, according to local government data.
Shanghai financial center reported no symptomatic cases and 32 symptomatic cases, compared to zero symptomatic cases and 28 asymptomatic cases the previous day, the local health authority reported.
The southern tech hub of Shenzhen reported 15 new locally transmitted Covid-19 infections, the same as the day before.

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