Jaya Bachchan’s failed exit from a fashion week with granddaughter Navya Naveli caught the eye for all the wrong reasons. In the video, Jaya can be seen scolding a dad for tripping over and saying, ‘It looks good on you. I hope it double and falls.’

Urfi shared the video in his Instagram story and disapproved of his misbehavior. She also sympathized with those behind the lens.

The actress wrote: “She just said ‘I hope you double up and fall’. Please, we are not like her, we hope that we all just stand up. Be it the one behind the camera or in front of it. they will respect you because for them you are older or more powerful, they will respect you if you are kind to them “.

On another note, Urfi became candid and shared that she tries to control herself from making her views public, but added that she believes it is important to speak up when necessary.

She shared: “Turst me sometimes I too hate being so opinionated, I want to check ma dayum this mouth. I know I’m ruining my job opportunities by speaking openly ma yaar chup nahi raha jata. I feel when I’m quiet on matters that don’t bother you, show how much you are entitled. Apne ghar paani bijli aati hai, toh jinke ghar nahi aati unke liye hum kyun bole. Yeh wo waali baat lagti hai mujhe! ”

The actress concluded: “I know that all human beings can never be at the same level, but at least we can all have an equal opportunity to grow, so we must all raise our voices.”

Incorporates Urfi 2

Urfi also recently criticized Bigg Boss producers for blaming Sajid Khan’s “Me Too” as a competitor. In his stories of him, he called him a sexual predator and demanded that he be removed from the show as he never apologized to any of the women he sexually harassed.

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