N’DJAMENA: About 50 people were killed and dozens injured during anti-government protests in Chad on Thursday, the prime minister said Saleh Kebzabo said at a press conference.
The violence erupted after protesters barricaded roads and set fire to the prime minister’s party headquarters as hundreds took to the streets to demand a faster transition to democratic rule after the president Mahamat Idriss Deby took power last year.
A government of national unity was formed on Friday to rule Chad for the next two years until elections. But critics demand a faster return to democracy.
Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the rallies across the city.
The government said security forces only acted in self-defense.
“What happened today is an armed popular uprising to seize power by force and those responsible for this violence will be brought to justice,” Kebzabo said.
“The protesters had guns and they are considered rebels.”
Kebzabo, a historical opponent of the Deby regime, was named prime minister last week.

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