BENGALURU: newly elected president of BCCI Roger Binny Thursday reiterated the urgency of dealing with players who frequently get injured, saying “you can’t have a Jasprit Bumrah break down 10 days before the World Cup”.
Bumrah was excluded from the T20 World Cup with a back injury three days before the Indian team flew to Australia. While Mohammad Shami was battling COVID-19 at the same time, BCCI waited until the 11th hour for him to be fully fit before being appointed as Bumrah’s replacement.
Binny had also broached the subject after taking over as BCCI chief on Tuesday.
“We need to figure out why and how players get hurt so badly. We need to figure out why they break down so easily. Not just now, but over the past four to five years,” Binny said at a congratulatory ceremony. organized by Karnataka. State Cricket Association here.
“It’s not that we don’t have good coaches or coaches. That the load is too heavy, that they play too many formats, something has to be done. That’s my priority.
“You can’t have a Bumrah down 10 days before the World Cup and then who’s going to replace him. It’s important (to fix it),” the 67-year-old said.
Central contracts for national players are not necessary, better pitches are
Binny highlighted the importance of preparing better wickets in domestic cricket besides listing the Ranji Trophy standard.
“The pitches are still too soft, not suitable for fast bowlers. We also need to look at the infrastructure. 30-40,000 fans come to the stadiums (for India matches), they need to be comfortable. ”
On the need for central contracts for domestic cricketers on the model of Indian cricketers, he said: “The domestic players are treated very well. They have good facilities and they stay in good places. I don’t think not that there is a need for this at this time (contracts).
“What is needed is to raise the level of the Ranji Trophy, it is the first tournament in the country. Not so long ago there was the Irani Cup, how many people knew about it? We have to change that,” he said.
On the upcoming women’s IPL in March, he added: “Surprisingly not as popular as men’s cricket, but women’s cricket is going to be very popular. The game has come a long way in the last two or three years. I hope a lot of people will come to watch the tournament.”

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