Protests in Iran: Parents make desperate appeal after their 16-year-old son was allegedly killed during a demonstration | world news

The parents of a 16-year-old boy, who is believed to have been killed during a protest in Iran, have made a desperate plea to find the person who “emptied 24 bullets into his stomach”.

In a video, Ali Adinezade, father of Abolfazl Aindezadeh, questioned why his son was killed and urged anyone with footage of the incident to send it to him.

Numerous protests have taken place across the country following the death of the 22-year-old Mahsa Aminidied after being detained by the National Vice Police for allegedly breaking the dress code strictly enforced by the Islamic Republic.

Iranian officials insisted she was not abused in custody and said she died of a heart attack.

According to Mr Adinezade, his son was killed near an underpass while taking part in a protest in Mashhad, Iran’s second most populous city.

“I just want to know what sin my child committed for you to empty 24 bullets into his stomach,” he said in the clip posted on the Telegram messaging app.

“People who were there, apparently heading towards the Bahonar underpass, the park roundabout underpass, there they did this to my son.”

Clutching a picture of Abolfazl and sitting next to his wife, Mr Adinezade added: “I want the killer to be introduced to me and face me. I beg anyone who has clips of this scene, please send them to us .”

After greeting those who offered their condolences, he said everyone, especially young people and schoolchildren, had “suffered” as a result.

“Everyone cried with us. I just want to know who the murderer is,” he pleaded.

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Why are Iranians protesting?

More than 200 people killed, activists say

Activists say Iranian security forces have already killed more than 200 people and arrested thousands in an ongoing crackdown on the wave of protests.

The protests are the most serious in the repressive country since 2019, when dissent erupted over a government hike in petrol prices.

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Anti-regime protests have spread across Iran

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Many Iranians have taken to the streets in an act of defiance against the Islamic Republic’s brutal crackdown on dissent and the increasingly violent treatment of women by the morality police.

Around the world, women cut their hair in solidarity with Iranian women and demonstrations took place in several countries.


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