NEW DELHI: The Competition Commission of India fined Google Rs 1,338 crore for abusing its dominance in relation to Android mobile devices and ordered the company to “cease and desist” from such practices immediately. The CCI said Google has imposed unilateral deals on the tech ecosystem, ensuring the continuous provision of consumer data for its apps to collect ad revenue while blocking others. He said the policies have negatively impacted the business of smartphone makers, rival app creators, myriad startups and users.
The investigation into the affair, arranged in April 2019, had seen a panel of CCI surveys not only interrogate Google but several multinational and Indian companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Paytm, PhonePe, Mozilla, Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo and Karbonn. Google is the leader in the dominant Android operating system (OS) with a nearly 98% share of the smartphone market.
CCI said that Google’s anti-competitive activities were achieved through various one-sided deals it imposed on the tech ecosystem, virtually ensuring the continuous provision of consumer data for its apps to help garner profitable ad revenue, blocking access to other.


“Under the agreements … Google ensured that users continued to use its search services on mobile devices, which facilitated the continued growth of Google’s ad revenue. It also helped Google to further invest and improve its services excluding others Therefore, Google’s underlying goal in imposing various restrictions … was to protect and strengthen its dominance in general search services and, therefore, its revenue through search ads, “he said. CCI.
When contacted, a Google spokesperson did not comment on the development.

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