Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s former White House adviser, was sentenced to four months in prison.

He had been convicted of challenging a subpoena before a Congressional commission investigating the January 6, 2021 assault on the United States Capitol.

Bannon also received a $ 6,500 fine.

His prison sentence has been postponed pending appeal, which means he will not go to prison right away.

The committee had asked for testimony Bannonebelieving that he is aware of Donald Trump’s intention to falsely claim victory on election night 2020 and that he is aware in advance of plans for the uprising.

In its latest public hearing, the committee played Bannon’s video in his live streaming show the day before January 6, stating, “Hell will break loose tomorrow.”

In a separate recording, shareholders from China were heard saying three days before the 2020 election: “What Trump will do is simply declare victory. Right? He will declare victory. But that doesn’t mean he’s a winner … say he is a winner “.

On his way to court, the former right-wing Trump strategist was disturbed by a waiting crowd, who shouted “fascist” and “traitor”.

Bannon told waiting reporters: “Remember this illegitimate regime. Their judgment day is November 8 (US midterm elections) when the Biden administration ends.”

Prosecutors had asked for a six-month prison sentence and a maximum fine of $ 200,000 (£ 178,000) for refusing to provide testimony or documents to the Congressional committee.

Bannon’s defense team had argued that he would be granted probation and that any sentences would be suspended pending appeal.

They argued that, in pursuing his cooperation, their actions were illegitimate and politically motivated.

The committee on January 6 also announced that it will be making a subpoena Donald Trump himself.

Trump supporters raided the US Capitol in January 2020. Pic: AP

He described the former president as at the center of the Capitol uprising and believes Trump’s own evidence and documents would strengthen a bond.

Trump has not said whether he will comply with the summons, but dismissed the committee as a “world-class witch hunt”.

Dennis Aftergut, a former US federal attorney, told Sky News: “I think (the committee) should call his bluff. I think they should say to Donald Trump ‘it’s okay, you can testify in public. No more conditions. However, you decide. We do not negotiate with terrorists and you will be given a five-minute opening statement and then we will ask you questions. ‘

“I think if they call his bluff, he’ll find excuses not to testify.

“The difference between him and Bannon is that it’s really too late for this commission. Their time runs out on January 3, 2023, unless, by chance, the Democrats win the House and renew their term, so it’s very easy to Donald Trump to run out of time in a way that Steve Bannon couldn’t. “

If he were to resist the quote, it is doubtful he would have the same fate as Bannon.

There is no Supreme Court precedent that gives Congress the power to force a former president to testify about his time in office.

There is also a problem with the timing. Mid-term elections will be held in the United States on November 8. If the Republicans gain control of the House of Representatives, they have said they will dissolve the House committee on January 6.

Under these circumstances, the citation would lapse.

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