Question mark over whether Boris Johnson ever had the numbers | PoliticsNews

Boris Johnson never officially entered this campaign, but make no doubt about it he has been running a campaign to re-enter No 10.

One of the oddities of this campaign, though, has been that his allies and people that were working on that campaign with him have been briefing journalists and saying publicly that he had the numbers to get on to the ballot tomorrow.

Now if that was true, that would have meant that the competition was essentially sewn up for him.

Path to No 10 open to Sunak – politics latest

Because that would mean that the next stage is the party members and we know that he was a big favorite with Conservative Party members.

There’s now a question mark over that claim that he had those 100 backers in the Conservative Party was ever true.

This very much leaves the path open now for Rishi Sunak to take over in Number 10.


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