BENGALERU: Puneri Paltan achieved an exemplary performance to beat Jaipur Pink Panthers 32-24 in their Kabaddi Pro League game Tuesday.
Aslam InamdarThe 13 points proved to be the big difference between two teams that battled for control throughout the game.
Both teams tied raid for raid and tackle for tackle for most of the opening period. Inamdar of Paltan was prolific early on, his speed and agility troubling the Pink Panthers defense with every raid.
Soon his raids started to pile up and in the final five minutes of the first half Paltan started to pull away. In the dying seconds of the first half, they made the first All Out of the night, going into the break with a 17-11 lead.
The Pink Panthers came into the game strong in the second half, with the raiding duo of Arjun Deshwal and Rahul Chaudhari suddenly clinching all their raids and putting Paltan’s seasoned defense under immense pressure.
As everything closed in, the big guns of the Paltan rallied. First, a Super Tackle from Gaurav Khatri knocked Deshwal out of the equation, then almost immediately another, this time by mohamed nabibaksh kick Chaudhari out. From watching an All Out, the Paltan suddenly had an eight point lead.
From there, Fazel Atrachali never let his team lose focus as they continued to pick up crucial points, keeping the Pink Panthers at arm’s length, and eventually even denying them a match consolation point.

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