One former Twitter user who seemed quite pleased when Elon Musk officially took over as CEO was former President Donald Trump, who said he was “very happy that Twitter is now in good hands”.
In a post on his rival social media service, Social truth, Trump insisted that he was happy that Twitter “is no longer run by crazies and radical left maniacs who really hate our country.” And he took the opportunity plug in social truth. Without citing any statistics, Trump claimed the platform had “bigger numbers” than rival social media companies.
The possibility of Trump’s return to Twitter – he was banned after the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol – has been the subject of much speculation ever since. Musk announced its intention to buy the company and take a less heavy-handed approach to users who post objectionable and provocative content. He said he wants to make the platform a place where a wide range of ideas can be discussed openly. And he said the decision to permanently ban Trump was a mistake.
Whether Trump would agree to return to Twitter is unclear given his financial stake in Truth Social. Twitter is a rival, sure, but also one that has far greater reach than its fledgling new platform. According to the research firm Similarweb, social truthMonthly traffic recently hovered around 10 million users. Trump’s account has about 4.4 million followers.
This is far from the approximately 90 million followers he had on Twitter.

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