NEW DELHI: A 23 year old woman of Bulandshahrwho has been unconscious for the past seven months after undergoing several surgeries for head injuries sustained in a car accident, gave birth to a healthy baby girl in TARGETS last week.
According to doctors, the woman was not wearing a helmet when the two-wheeled vehicle in which she was traveling with her husband had an accident on March 31 this year. She suffered severe head injuries and although she survived, she remains unconscious. “She opens her eyes but she does not execute any command,” said prof Deepak Gupta from the neurosurgery department, advising that a helmet should be worn by every person. “If the woman had worn a helmet, her life would have been different,” she said Doctor Gupta.

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The woman’s husband, who worked as a private driver, quit his job because he had to look after his pregnant wife as she was not in a state of conscience.
“I have nothing to say now. I don’t know what to do and how life will go. Everything has stopped, “he said, adding that he was with her even when the accident happened, but he had to suffer.
Prof Gupta told TOI that because the woman was 40 days pregnant when she arrived at AIIMS, her condition was examined by a team of gynecologists and it was found that the baby was healthy and there was no indication of termination of the pregnancy. . The doctors left the decision on the patient’s family. “Instead of going to the court for termination of the pregnancy, her husband decided to keep the baby,” the doctor said.
Last Thursday the normal birth was conducted by a team of gynecologists from AIIMS. Since the patient cannot breastfeed her baby, the milk is given from a bottle.
The patient was unconscious when she reached the trauma center and was immediately put on a ventilator. The next day she was operated on and part of her damaged brain was removed. After four weeks, she underwent another surgery. Subsequently, she was removed from the ventilator holder, but three more procedures had to be performed. “Five neurosurgical operations were performed between March 30 and June 15,” the doctors said.

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