NFL legend Tom Brady and Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen are divorced.

Both announced the end of their marriage in statements on Instagram Friday morning.

Brady, 45, said: “In the past few days, my wife and I have finalized our divorce from each other after 13 years of marriage. We came to this decision amicably and with gratitude for our time together. “.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback said the decision came after “much consideration” and that their children “will continue to be the center of our world in every way.”

Brady said it was “painful and difficult, as it is for many people who go through the same thing every day around the world.”

Bundchen posted: “The decision to end a marriage is never easy, but we have separated and while it is, of course, difficult to deal with something like this, I feel blessed for the time we have spent together and only wish Tom the best. always .”

The couple married in 2009 and have two children, while Brady also has a 15-year-old son from a previous relationship.

Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl winner, is still playing at the top after returning to the pitch after a 40-day retirement.

He initially quit after saying it would give him “time and energy for other things that require my attention”.

Brady has won seven Super Bowls

Meanwhile Bundchen, one of the most profitable models of the 2000s, gave up her runway job in 2015. She now runs a select number of campaigns each year while focusing on environmental activism and entrepreneurial ventures.

She recently talked about her husband’s health concerns after so many years in the physical world of American football.

“Obviously, I have my concerns. This is a very violent sport, I have my children and I wish it were more present,” he told Elle magazine in September.

“I’ve definitely had those conversations with him over and over again. But in the end, I feel like everyone has to make a decision that works for (them). He has to follow his joy too.”

The 42-year-old added: “I’ve done my part, which is (being) there for (Tom).

Bundchen and Brady have two children together.  Image: AP
Bundchen and Brady have two children together. Image: AP

“I moved to Boston and focused on creating a cocoon and a loving environment in which my children could grow up and be there to support him and his dreams,” she said.

“Seeing my children succeed and become the wonderful little human beings that they are, seeing him succeed and be fulfilled in his career, makes me happy. At this point in my life, I feel like I’ve done a good job on this. .. “

Brady left the Buccaneers for 11 days in August for unspecified personal reasons and is now going through his first three-game losing streak in his illustrious 20-year career.

If he decides to retire permanently, he has signed a 10-year contract worth $ 375 million with Fox Sports as the lead analyst.

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