Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos is due to fly over areas swamped by flooding to inspect the damage caused by Storm Nalgae as it swept through his country, killing nearly 100 people.

More than half of the deaths were caused by rain-induced landslides that engulfed large areas of land and everything in their path.

Villagers in Kusiong in southern Maguindanao province mistakenly believed a tidal wave was coming and ran to higher ground and were buried alive by the boulder-laden deluge, a source said. responsible.

At least 18 bodies, including those of children, have been dug up by rescuers from the vast muddy mound that now covers much of the area.

A total of 63 people are still missing, while 69 were injured, the national disaster management agency said.

Damage to infrastructure from heavy rain and high winds was assessed at 757.84 million pesos (£11.3 million).

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Tropical storm hits the Philippines

Marcos is traveling with disaster relief teams on Monday to carry out aerial inspections of submerged villages in Cavite province, near the capital Manila.

He said he was shocked by the death toll.

Government agencies distributed aid and food parcels to affected families

Nalgae, who has made landfall five times, was due to leave the Philippines later Monday and head for southern China.

The Philippines experiences an average of 20 typhoons a year, with frequent landslides and flooding due in part to the increasing intensity of tropical cyclones.

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