The mandatory rear seat belt rule which was to be imposed on Mumbai from November 1st onwards was postponed from Mumbai Police. Once there, the city police will crack down on passengers inside cars that don’t wear seat belts, especially those sitting in the back. This is in line with the rules mentioned in the Motor Vehicle Act which makes the non-use of seat belts for all passengers punishable by a fine.


Mumbai Police (Traffic) Deputy Commissioner Raj Tilak Roushan reportedly announced the delay. He said that the implementation of the guide against violating the rules of seat belts has been postponed for 10 days. This was done to raise awareness among Mumbai commuters through social media and radio. This will give Mumbai commuters enough time to be made aware of safety driving before it goes into action on 10 November. Once seat belt transmission is active, offenders will be fined Rs 200 for not wearing seat belts via e-challans.
A similar push will also be put in place against two-wheeled commuters who don’t wear a helmet when driving the passenger. Just like the rear seat belt, the mandate for helmet-wearing passengers is often overlooked and not strictly enforced. However, this will change in Mumbai very soon after a crackdown on offenders is implemented.


Under the Motor Vehicle Act (amendment) of 2019, pursuant to Section 194 (B) (1), anyone who drives a motor vehicle without wearing a seat belt or carries passengers without a seat belt or helmet is punished under pursuant to the aforementioned section.
What do you think about the crackdown on rear seat passengers not wearing helmets and passenger passengers not wearing helmets? Tell us in the comments.

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