NEW DELHI: Pakistan kept their hopes alive on Thursday and remained in the running for the ongoing semi-finals T20 World Cup in Australia after the victory against South Africa. But their fate still hangs in the balance and depends on other achievements that will make their way into the group.
With their second consecutive win, Pakistan jumped to third place in their group, with four points in six-team Group 2, ahead of Bangladesh on NRR. Pakistan’s massive 33-run (DLS) victory over the Proteas brought the semi-final to the final round of matches, with four teams still vying for two places.
Pakistan will face Bangladesh, also still in contention, in the last group match on 6 November – and they need a big win not only to reach 6 points, but also to improve their net run rate (NRR). , which could come into play in the end. Their current NRR, after 4 games, is 1,117.

Four teams – India, South Africa, Pakistan and Bangladesh – are still in contention for the two semi-finals of the group. Pakistan need at least two of the three remaining games in Sunday’s group to move on to the next stage.
Sunday program: 5:30 IST – South Africa vs Netherlands, 9:30 IST – Pakistan vs Bangladesh and 13:30 IST – India vs Zimbabwe.
If South Africa win their first match on Sunday, they will advance to the semi-finals with 7 points. But if they lose, they will surely be eliminated from the tournament. And another ‘no result’ due to the rain will take them to 6 points and the results of the other two games will decide their fate with the entry of NRR.


Players from Pakistan and South Africa shake hands after the game. (AFP photo)
Both Pakistan and Bangladesh will keep their hopes alive with a win in the second match of the day that will be played between the two teams, with the victory reaching 6 points. However, their fate (Pakistan or Bangladesh) will depend on the third match between India and Zimbabwe.
India, already at 6 points, will move on to the knockout stage even if the rain fades the game against Zimbabwe. But if India loses, NRR will come into play to determine which teams will pass from the group.


(AFP photo)
(All stats in this article are up to date until the end of the match on November 3)
How are the teams in Group 2 doing after four games each:
* India returned to the top of the table after beating Bangladesh in the fourth group match. They now have six points: three wins (against Pakistan, the Netherlands and Bangladesh) and one defeat (against SA).
* South Africa fell to second place, on five points, after losing to Pakistan on Thursday. They have two wins (against India and Bangladesh), one defeat against Pakistan and a “no result” against Zimbabwe, which gave them 1 point.
* Pakistan jumped to third place in the standings after beating South Africa. They have four points in four games: two wins (against Netherlands and South Africa) and two losses (against India and Zimbabwe)
* Bangladesh fell to fourth place after a narrow defeat against India. They too have four points in four games and are only behind Pakistan on NRR.
* Zimbabwe are now fifth on three points after losing to the Netherlands. They have one win (against Pakistan), no results (against SA) and two losses (against Bangladesh and Holland).
* The Netherlands are out of the semi-final despite their victory against Zimbabwe. They have two points in four games.


How Pakistan can advance to the semi-finals:
* The most important criteria remain the same: great victory in the last match of the group against Bangladesh, which will bring their tally to 6 points. It may or may not be enough for them in the end.
* For Pakistan to qualify, India needs to lose the last group match against Zimbabwe, which will leave them at 6 points, the same as Pak. So NRR will come into play.
* South Africa must lose the last game against the Netherlands or split points due to a game abandoned by rain in Adelaide. A defeat will leave South Africa at 5 points and a missed result will bring it to 6 points, like Pakistan (if Pak beats Bangladesh). So NRR will come into play.
* Bangladesh, to 4 points, must lose the last game against Pakistan. A win for Bangladesh will eliminate Pakistan from the tournament.
* Pakistan also hopes that Zimbabwe, who are on 3 points, will beat India in the last game of the group. The victory will bring them to 5 points, but above all it will leave India at 6 points.

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