Largest cannabis shipment ever seized by police in Spain | world news

The largest cannabis shipment ever made has been seized by Spanish police.

A total of 32 tonnes of packaged marijuana with a street value of at least €64m (£56m) have been discovered.

The Spanish Civil Guard said it was the largest amount ever found in the country or abroad.

Photo: Guardia Civil

Police have raided a series of farms and production plants across Spain in an operation called Gardens. Nine men and 11 women, aged 20 to 59, were arrested.

In a statement, Spain’s Civil Guard said it had “seized the largest cache of packaged marijuana found to date”.

“That was equivalent to about 1.1 million plants,” he added.

Spanish police said they seized 32 tons of marijuana with a market value of at least 64 million euros.  Photo: Guardia Civil
Photo: Guardia Civil

Police said the gang dried the marijuana plants, packaged them and sent them to parts of Spain, Switzerland, Holland,
Germany and Belgium.

The gang was arrested in Toledo, Ciudad Real, Valencia and Asturias last month, but details of the operation were not made public until Saturday.


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