Sravya O, a Warangal resident received an offer from several multinational IT companies. She decided to choose the one that offered her Rs 6.5 lakh per year, almost double the other offers. It’s been six months, but the IT company hasn’t integrated it. Now, as she awaits her marriage date, Sravya is thinking of other options.
“I have the results of the TCS National Qualification Test (NQT). I scored well there, so based on that I can apply elsewhere, but as I’ve already lost six months, I think it would be wise to accept anything now, regardless of the package, or study further. I’m preparing for the GRE. People have started asking me why I’m still unemployed, “Sravya said, although she still hopes the offer she is holding now sees the light of day. NQT conducted by TCS allows candidates not only to apply for roles in TCS, but also in other companies such as Tata Elxsi, accentand Persistent.
This is not just the story of Sravya. Hundreds of engineering graduates were impacted by the delay in onboarding by IT companies, which saw order flows shrink as a result of the global economic slowdown. Many are now thinking of a Plan B, so as not to waste time.

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“I don’t want employers to ask me what I was doing for six months after I passed out, out of work”, Nitin Lamba (name changed), a Mohali-based graduate told TOI. “That’s why I work in a BPO. However, this contract is only for three months. Given the market situation in which all companies are under stress, I don’t think I’ll find a job in the software industry. “Another engineering graduate, Priyank Mourya (name changed), says he has decided to look beyond IT to manufacturing jobs, specifically in the supply chain management part. He says he has applied for jobs on LinkedIn in all industries except IT.
Aditya Mishra, CEO of CIEL HR Services, a recruiting and staffing firm, says candidates should accept any offers instead of waiting for a company to hire them. He also advises such candidates to improve themselves while waiting, as this will help them seek opportunities.
“Computer science graduates should also consider internships so that they get practical exposure which they can show in their CV later on,” he added.
Major IT companies so far have categorically stated that all offer letters will be honored. But most also said they are cautious as they expect a slowdown.

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