US President Joe Biden arrives at the White House after attending a rally in Maryland on the eve of the midterm elections on November 7. (Will Oliver/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

President Biden enters Election Day bracing for losses, his advisers privately acknowledging that they see no viable path for Democrats to retain their majority in the House.

But Biden and his senior team start the day with the idea that the prospect of Democrats retaining their majority in the Senate is real — even if it’s a prospect that may take days, or even longer, to be fully realized.

Biden plans to remain behind closed doors throughout the day, but aides say he will stick to his usual morning schedule which includes his daily workout, morning meetings with his senior team and his daily briefing on the information.

The White House policy team will be housed just steps from the West Wing in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, where they will be in close contact with the Democratic Party committees that run the midterm races, as well as the monitoring of legal certainty and problems that may develop.

Biden’s predecessors have often spent Election Day appearing in radio interviews designed to boost turnout in particular states or among specific critical demographics — something Biden is likely to do as well.

In the evening, Biden plans to watch the returns with his close advisers, according to an official. While the official didn’t say where Biden planned to be when the polls closed, in big moments during Biden’s first 21 months in office — like the late-night passage of his bill trillion dollar infrastructure, he invited his closest advisers to the residence to watch the events unfold.

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