JD Vance meets with supporters after casting his ballot at a polling place in Cincinnati on Tuesday. (Jeff Dean/AP)

The campaign team of JD Vance, the Republican nominee vying for the open Senate seat in Ohio, is buzzing with excitement as the polls are about to close.

A campaign source said she was seeing low turnout in Cuyahoga County — a heavily Democratic county that includes Cleveland and opted for Joe Biden in 2020.

“We like what we see,” the Vance campaign source said.

Vance — who is watching the results from the Ohio GOP watch party tonight — paced back and forth in the war room his team set up here at the hotel as they crunched the numbers.

When he got there at the hotel, Vance was all smiles and told CNN when asked how he was feeling, “We’re fine, we’re fine.”

His campaign said they’ll start to get a better idea about 30 minutes after the polls close, but in Ohio it’s three key cities: Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus.

Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Tim Ryan’s team said suburban Cuyahoga looks good, and they believe there’s a potential data lag in Cleveland proper, where neighborhoods are less endowed with personal.

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