Whatever they do, these mid-term elections will calibrate the discord.

Now there will be voter numbers to measure acrimony in America, a country on the verge of a nervous breakdown by 2020.

The divide has strengthened since the end of the Trump era and will now be inserted into the legislature, with electoral deniers and conspiracy theorists potentially in key positions of authority and influence.

Results counted in the United States: real-time updates

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Trump mocks the announcement during the vote

It raises questions of political subversion and even violence around these elections: a lot will depend on how people act and react to the vote.

It could get messy if candidates who deny the election are selected. If they aren’t, what do they do then?

There is no evidence to support the election fraud, but that hasn’t muted Donald Trump. The standard-bearer of electoral deniers has backed many of them – and when “the candidate” himself makes his long-awaited announcement next Tuesday, he will do so with the blessing of the grassroots himself.

Before the polls opened, Joe Biden said he thought the Democrats would win the Senate. He has to believe it. If he loses both houses of Congress, he will be a lame president, hampered by his political opponents.

It would raise questions about the Democrats’ election strategy: Why does the laser focus on a threat to democracy, when polls showed that people had other priorities?

Who is in front … and who is behind? The latest results

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How do mid-term elections work?

Look at Biden’s popularity: historically low. Look at her historically high age.

An NBC exit poll found that most people think Joe Biden’s policies are hurting the country.

A bad night for Democrats will inform Biden’s thinking about running for a second term. The double defeat could determine the extent of his party’s contribution.

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