WASHINGTON: The U.S. Republican Party narrowly took control of the 435-member House of Representatives in Tuesday’s midterm elections, a far cry from a landslide victory for the Grand Old Party and a bloodbath for the Democrats that pollsters and pundits had projected.
Results for the 100 members Senate, currently tied at 50-50, was balanced with several runs too close to report. But Democrats have won some key races, including a much-watched open seat in Pennsylvania, defying bleak predictions of a Donald demolition Assetthe forces of MAGA.
In fact, President Biden may well have bragging rights for one of an incumbent’s best performances in a midterm ballot, which is usually a referendum on the incumbent president and goes to the against the party holding the White House. The full results have yet to be certified — and it could take weeks for the final tally — but it looks like the Democratic Party could lose less than a dozen House seats (they were +5 in the outgoing Congress).
By comparison, Bill Clinton lost 52 House seats in the 1994 midterm polls and Barack Obama lost a record 63 in 2010. Even Trump lost 40 House seats in the midterm elections. – 2018 mandate.
In fact, Trump was the biggest loser of the night as the expected red wave hit the blue wall despite modest Republican gains. A dramatic victory in Florida by Republican incumbent Governor Ron DeSantis has meant the rise of a new challenger within the party to the former president’s hopes of another crack in the White House.
Many Trump surrogates lost on Tuesday night, despite predictions that a MAGA-fueled red sweep would speed up his bid for another term in the White House. In one of the most compelling battleground state races, Democrat John Fetterman won an open Senate seat in Pennsylvania vacated by a Republican defeating Trump running back Dr. Mehmet Oz.
Democrats also won the gubernatorial race, three congressional seats, and are on track to topple the state house in a state that has seen a fierce showdown between largely urban and suburban liberal voters and predominantly MAGA forces. rural. Democrats also flipped Michigan’s state senate — another state upside down — for the first time since 1983.
In the end, it wasn’t a red wave, much less a red tsunami that the sounders had projected; it was hardly a red puddle that sparked recriminations and accusations within the GOP, with even Trump supporters acknowledging it was more of a “pink wave.”
It has certainly left the former president red-faced with reports surfacing of outbursts of rage, including against his wife Melania, who apparently persuaded him to endorse Dr Mehmet Oz, a TV star who has lost to a Democrat who suffered a stroke in the middle of the campaign trail.
Despite the impending loss of the House, Democrats rejoiced that they had stemmed the bleeding and caused bloodshed within the Republican Party.
Retaining control of the Senate would be an unexpected bonus. Senate races in Georgia, Arizona and Nevada, too close to be called, could determine the outcome, with the former heading to a runoff in December as neither candidate reached the 50% threshold.
The result still meant Republicans, with their control of the House, could hurt President Biden’s agenda over the next two years, making him a lame president.

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