WASHINGTON: Indo-American Congressman Doctor Ami Bera announced his candidacy for the powerful Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).
Bera, 57, who served as Sacramento County’s chief medical officer in California before being sworn in as a congressman in 2013, is the longest serving Indian-American congressman in history.
On track for re-election to the sixth consecutive term, Bera is currently the frontline chairman of the DCCC, where he is responsible for overseeing efforts to re-elect Democratic members of Congress to competitive seats.
Of the 52% of votes counted in California’s sixth congressional district, Bera led his Republican rival with more than 11,000 votes. The elections took place on November 8.
Bera announced his DCCC candidacy in a letter to members of his party in the House of Representatives.
“As we head into 2024, the stakes couldn’t be higher for the American people. Instead of putting families first, House Republicans are determined to use the next two years to cut Social Security and health insurance, suppressing women’s reproductive rights and pursuing partisan political investigations,” he wrote.
“It is in this spirit that I write to you today to ask for your support for my candidacy to be the next chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC),” Bera wrote.
“Thanks to the strong performance of our members and their campaigns, and thanks to the support and hard work of President Sean Patrick Maloney and his team, the House Democrats defied history last Tuesday. Not only did our front-liners win close races, but we flipped several seats from red to blue and broadened and strengthened our base with the historic turnout of young voters,” he wrote.
“While there are still many votes to be counted, it is clear that the American people believe in our family-focused agenda that we proposed to the 117th Congress. Working together in our diverse caucus, we have passed a landmark legislation that has resulted in record job creation, lower prescription drug costs and health care premiums, and generational improvements to our infrastructure and environment,” Bera wrote in her letter to her dear coworker.
The American Indian Congressman immediately received support from several of his colleagues.
“Having watched Am I help lead our efforts to protect and expand our electoral map, I know he is the most experienced and proven member to lead the DCCC at this pivotal time,” said Congressman Colin Allred.
“Most importantly, Ami is a unifier. He will be a strong supporter of our colleagues from all corners of our diverse caucus as we look to 2024,” he said.
“Ami knows how to compete and win in purple districts across the country, including districts like mine. He has the experience and combat injuries necessary to lead the DCCC,” the congressman said. Kim Schrier.

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