AHMEDABAD: This Amdavadi autorickshaw driver ran into several bureaucratic dead ends in his quest to change his name from Rajveer (Brave King) to “RV155677820”, a nickname that drowns out all signs of caste and religion. But now he plans to give free rein to his ideology of him by participating in Gujarat assembly poll as independent from South Gandhinagar. He said his political axis will be stripped of all community labels, which political parties highly value in their assessment of “winnability.”


In May 2015, Rajveer – still may not be called RV155677820 – had filed a petition with the Ahmedabad District Collector and Rajkot Gazette Office to have his name changed. By 2017, both of his petitions were denied. He applied to Gujarat HC in 2019 and the case is pending.
On Thursday, this 38-year-old Chandkheda resident filed his candidacy in the Gandhinagar South election which was won by the BJP in 2017. In this election, the BJP fielded Alpesh Thakor, a congressional turncoat. Dr. Himanshu Patel has the Congress ticket. Gandhinagar South has sizable populations of Patel and Thakor and the two major parties have evidently taken demographics into account.
Rajveer, an avowed atheist and clinical psychology student, is mentally prepared for a legal battle ahead of the election clash. In his affidavit filed with the EC, he did not mention his caste, community or religion. He said he is determined to go to court if his candidacy is canceled just because he hasn’t provided those details.
“Gujarat is the laboratory of Hindutva, where BJP wins using the table of religion,” Rajveer said. “Before Congress won the election by playing the caste card. I don’t want to follow a formula where you choose a candidate by caste or by religion. It’s against the constitutional secularism of our country.” He said he will champion the cause of a society where caste and religion are irrelevant. Citizens in any democracy should elect candidates based on their qualifications, Rajveer said.

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