WARSAW: Ukraine should have access to the site in southeastern Poland where a missile killed two people, the Polish president’s top foreign policy adviser said on Thursday, after Kyiv demanded access to the scene of the explosion.
Polish President Andrzej Duda said on Wednesday that access to the site of the explosion would require the agreement of the two countries leading the investigation, Poland and the United States.
Warsaw claims the blast was most likely caused by a stray Ukrainian air defense missile, which Kyiv denies.
“An American-Polish investigation team is on site”, Jakub Kumoch told private channel TVN 24.
“The Ukrainians have requested access to the survey site. If both parties agree, and as far as I know there will be no objections from the American side, this access could be obtained soon .”
The head of Poland’s national security office, Jacek Siewiera, also told private broadcaster RMF FM that, to his knowledge, Duda was not opposed to the presence of Ukrainian observers at the scene.
kumoch said Poland had video evidence of the explosion.
“There is indeed film material, I would not like to talk about the content of the film material that I have seen in classified mode, but of course the Prime Minister gave such information, such material exists,” Kumoch said. .
“These are our normal photos from the border, where you can see certain things. You see planes over Ukraine, fighting over Ukraine, and at one point, in a very short time , you see a certain sequence of events,” he added.
Kumoch provided no further details. He said he wanted the Ukrainians to familiarize themselves with these documents first, in contact with those who are carrying out the investigation.

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