Wimbledon will relax its strict rules on white clothing during championships and allow players to wear dark undershorts and relieve a potential source of anxiety when on their period, the All England Club said Thursday.
Grasscourt organizers Grand Slam said the decision was made following discussions with women’s tennis organizing body WTA, apparel manufacturers and medical teams on how best to support women and girls taking part in the tournaments.
“We are committed to supporting players and listening to their feedback on how they can perform at their best,” All said. England club General director Sally Bolton said in a statement.
“I am pleased to confirm that following consultations with players and representatives of several stakeholder groups, the Management Committee made the decision to update the white clothes rule at Wimbledon.
“This means that from next year, women and girls participating in the Championships will have the option of wearing colored undershorts if they wish.
“We hope this rule adjustment will help players focus solely on their performance by alleviating a potential source of anxiety.”
Organizers said requirements for other clothing, accessories and equipment remain unchanged.
The issue of female athletes wearing white clothing was raised at Wimbledon this year, when players spoke of the anxiety of being forced to wear white.
english footballer Beth Mead was also asked about the national team’s all-white kit at this year’s European Women’s Championship and said it was sometimes impractical.
Several English women’s club football teams have also chosen to avoid wearing white shorts.

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