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CHANDIGARH: The Aam Aadmi party has come out in defense of Prime Minister Bhagwant Mann on Monday, as opposition parties continued to attack him over his Dec. 2 claim about that gangster Well done Goldan accused in the Sidhu Moose Vala murder case, he had been held in the United States of America.
Meanwhile, an interview allegedly by Brar, in which he declared that he was a free bird and would rather kill himself than be taken prisoner, was uploaded to the YouTube channel of a Punjabi journalist, Ritesh Lakhi. The interview is a 25 minute audio clip and its veracity has yet to be verified.


Malwinder, chief spokesman for the AAP Singh Kang he asked opposition parties not to believe the claims made in the interview. She added that the details of the case can only be shared by the Center. “My question to Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leader Bikram Singh Majithia is are you following the claims of a man who claims to be Brar but doubts a statement made by the prime minister,” Kang She said. “They are so eager to get information about Brar because they want to see where the investigation is going. The next step in the case has to be taken by the Center as it is between two countries… The state government operates within its jurisdiction,” he said. he said, adding that details can only be provided by the Centre.
“The Punjab government is busy breaking the unholy nexus of gangsters, drug dealers and organized crime in the state. After 2007, there has been political patronage of illegal activities for business interests and SAD has been blamed for it” Kang said.
Reacting to the interview, Majithia tweeted: “… Feared gangster Goldy Brar, who according to CM Bhagwant Mann was arrested by US authorities, not only roams free, but orders assassinations as he pleases. CM owes an explanation to the Punjabis. Why did he lie to them?”
On the other hand, Congress leader Partap Singh Bajwa said that the foreign affairs ministry (MEA) or union home affairs ministry (MHA) should issue a statement and put an end to the speculation. “Although Mann has confirmed the arrest of Goldy Brar, we doubt it because Mann has previously been caught lying on various matters. Mann often makes statements or promises that turn out to be misleading or empty,” Bajwa said.
Targeting the CM, the Congress leader said during his visit to Germany in September, Mann announced that automaker BMW had agreed to set up an auto parts manufacturing unit in Punjab. A day later, BMW released a statement that it had no plans to set up an auto parts manufacturing unit in Punjab, he said. “Mann persuaded the farmers to grow moong with an empty pledge that the Punjab government would procure the produce at the Minimum Support Price (MSP). The farmers felt cheated as only 10% of their crop was bought on MSP Similarly, the rice farmers who adopted the DSR after CM Mann’s assurances were disappointed by the compensation,” Bajwa.
SAD legal counsel Arshdeep Singh Kaler said the CM only claimed Brar’s detention to get votes for AAP in Gujarat assembly elections. Kaler said that neither the MEA nor the home ministry nor the Punjab DGP have confirmed his claims. He said even US agencies have not uttered a word.
Lashing out at Kang’s claims that previous governments patronized gangsters, Kaler said Moose Wala had been killed on the orders of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi when he was sitting in Delhi. Tihar Jail, which was under the direct control of the AAP government. He said the AAP government in Punjab has failed to manage law and order and is now trying to blame previous governments for its failures.
Bajwa said that as a top activist in Gujarat, Mann had lied on numerous issues, including law and order, employment, the old pension scheme and the state’s financial condition. “His list of lies was long, so it was hard to believe what CM said,” added Bajwa. “As Goldy Brar is believed to be the mastermind of the brutal murder of Moose Wala, the people of Punjab have strong feelings regarding this case; hence, they deserve to know the truth,” Bajwa said.


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