Thousands of new anti-tank weapons ordered by UK in £223m deal, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace says | UK News

Thousands of new anti-tank weapons will be delivered to the British Army after some of the UK’s stockpiles of the weapons were donated to Ukraine.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced that a £223m deal has been agreed with Saab, a Swedish manufacturer, for Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon (NLAW) systems to be assembled.

Mr Wallace said the weapons have played a “decisive role” in supporting the Ukrainian army’s attempt at pushing back against Russia‘s invasion.

“Working with our first-class industry partners, we are continuing to fulfill our commitment to NATO by ensuring our Armed Forces will receive a steady supply of these weapons over the coming years, while supporting UK jobs across the length and breadth of the country, “I continued.

The NLAW is a shoulder-launched missile system that can be operated by a single soldier. They will be assembled at the Thales’ facility in Belfast, Northern Ireland before being delivered to Britain.

Secured through the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) procurement arm, Defense Equipment and Support, several thousands of units will be delivered to the armed forced UK across 2024-2026, in addition to 500, supplied through a separate procurement, that will be delivered in 2023.

With NLAW, a single solider can take out a heavily protected modern main battle tank from 20-800m away. The agility, reliability, and accuracy of the units have been an “important capability in Ukraine’s fight back against Russia,” according to the MOD.

They have made up part of the 10,000 anti-tank weapons supplied to Ukrainian armed forces. The UK continues to actively engage with allies and partners in order to aid Ukraine, while quickly replenishing equipment and ammunition from UK stocks.


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