Vladimir Putin: The West’s desire for world domination increases the risk of conflict

MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that the West’s drive to maintain dominance on the world stage increases the risk of conflict.
“The potential for conflict in the world is increasing and it is a direct consequence of the attempts of Western elites to preserve their political, financial, military and ideological domination by all means”, Cheese fries said.
The Russian leader was speaking in a video message to a summit of defense ministers from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and a group of ex-Soviet countries that was released by the Kremlin.
“They are deliberately multiplying chaos and aggravating the international situation,” Putin said.
He also accused the West of “exploiting” Ukraine and using its people as “cannon fodder” in a conflict against Russia.
Putin has repeatedly presented the war in Ukraine – which Moscow calls a “special military operation” – as a conflict between Russia and the West, criticizing those who have provided military and financial support to Ukraine.
Kyiv, European countries and Washington claim that Moscow used the pretext of security problems to launch a cynical war of aggression against its pro-European neighbor in a bid to seize swathes of territory and overthrow the president Volodymyr Zelensky.


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