Pele consoles Neymar after Brazil bowed out of FIFA World Cup with a quarterfinal defeat | Football News

Neymar equaled Pele’s goalscoring record for Brazil on Friday, but that wasn’t enough for the pre-tournament favorites to win the quarter-final against Croatia, who ended up victorious after a penalty shoot-out. Almost immediately afterwards, Pele wrote a message of support for Neymar, while congratulating him on equaling his record of 77 goals for Brazil.
“I saw you grow, I encouraged you every day and I can finally congratulate you for reaching my number of goals with Brazil. We both know that it is more than a number”, wrote Pelé, 82, in an Instagram post.
Pele is currently hospitalized with a respiratory infection amid his battle with colon cancer.

“Our greatest duty as athletes is to inspire. Inspire our teammates today, the next generations and, above all, all those who love our sport. Unfortunately, today is not the happiest day for us,” Pelé added.
“My record was set almost 50 years ago, and no one had managed to come close to it until now. You made it, kid. It shows how great your achievement is.
Neymar, 30, opened the scoring in the first quarter-final of the fifa world cup in Qatar, but Croatia equalized as both teams ended regulation time and extra time tied at 1-1. Croatia then won the penalty shootout 4-2.

“Keep inspiring us,” Pelé continued in the post.
“I will continue to hit the air with joy for every goal you score, as I have done in every game I have seen you on the pitch.”
Pelé won three World Cups with Brazil.
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