Exclusive! I’m really happy with my life, but if people put a timecard on me, there’s not much I can do about it, says Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone, a household name in the entertainment industry today, is quite happy with her journey so far. Sunny, who hosted seven seasons of the Splitsvilla reality show with Rannvijay Singha, hosted her eighth season without him. He says, “Rannvijay is not with me this season and I will always miss him. He became my brother from another mother. We had developed such a good friendship and there was a sense of togetherness between both our families. And the best part is that even though he’s not hosting the season with me, he’s just a phone call away. We’re in touch through calls and texts. In fact, his wife texts me too. So we have that kind of relationship that we’re now friends of the family.” .

Sun Leo (BCCL)

Ask Sunny if her acting potential has been maxed out in the entertainment industry and Pat gets an answer, “As of now, I am working on a film with Anurag Kashyap and I am really excited about it. time people see this movie, some good things should follow.More than the movie industry that tagged me in a certain category, I guess the articles that have been written about me, tagged me in a certain image in the industry I’m not tagging myself It’s a vicious cycle for me I can’t really do much about tags but yeah all I can do is stay true to who I am and work hard and also believe that someone will see my hard work.I am forever grateful to Anurag Kashyap who saw this in me and offered me something different.Even on the last day of shooting with him, I could not control my emotions as I am so grateful to him for taking the phone and calling me about the project and giving me a chance. But I’m really happy with my life and where I’m at and if people tag me, I can’t really do much about it nor am I upset about it.”

Sunny has also been quite active in the southern sector. Sharing the experience of working in films there, she says: “The experience is fantastic and the best part is that every role has been different. Many of my projects have been delayed there due to the pandemic, but I am happy that finally, the movies I made in the south are coming out.” Having been part of a reality show like Bigg Boss and now hosting one for many years, we wonder what Sunny thinks of Indian reality shows. “Well, human psychology both in India and any other country falls into the same category of human emotion especially in shows like these where you are deprived of basic necessities like phone, family friends etc.” she says.

Sunny and (inset) with husband Daniel Weber and children Asher, Nisha and Noah

Sunny and (inset) with husband Daniel Weber and children Asher, Nisha and Noah

Sunny, who is a proud mother of three, Nisha, Asher and Noah, is thoroughly enjoying the role. “My kids are wonderful and truly a godsend. They are so funny and so smart and I love spending as much time with them as possible. I love being with them. They really love going to the beach. They all have different interests. While one he practices soccer, the other has an art class. My husband and I both like to keep our children busy. We also went to a science fair at their school and loved seeing what they worked on especially Nisha because she’s in second grade now,” she says.


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