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PANAJI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi The new Mopa International Airport named after the former Chief Minister of Goa and former Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar was inaugurated on Sunday evening.
The prime minister placed a strong emphasis on boosting connectivity in the country, saying Goa’s second airport will boost connectivity and stimulate further economic development.

Goa Manohar International Airport

Modi laid the foundation stone of the airport in November 2016.

Manohar International Airport

The Manohar International Airport it is built on 2,132 acres, of which 232 acres are earmarked for city development for commercial purposes. The configuration of airside facilities and terminal facilities is done according to traffic projections. The expansion of the airport will be future-proof. The maximum capacity of the private airport is approximately 33 MPPA.
The current passenger handling capacity of Dabolim Airport is 8.5 MPPA (million passengers per year). When Manohar Parrikar Airport goes live on 5 January, it will be able to handle 4.4 MPPA, which brings Goa’s total passenger handling capacity to around 13 MPPA.
Dabolim Airport offers direct connections to 15 domestic and 6 international locations. Through the Mopa Airport, these will increase to 35 domestic and 18 international locations. Also, while there was no overnight parking at Dabolim Airport, Mopa Airport also has overnight parking. Also, while there was no cargo terminal at Dabolim, Mopa Airport will have the facility with a handling capacity of 25,000 tons.
The number of operational airports in the country has almost doubled from 74 to over 140 since 2014. The government plans to develop and operate 220 airports over the next 5 years.
The airport promotes local artisans by creating a designated area for a flea market under the initiative Prakal, the airport operator.
Manohar International Airport aims to be a carbon neutral airport.


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