China denounces US sanctions over alleged rights violations in Tibet

BEIJING (Reuters) – U.S. sanctions against two senior Chinese officials for alleged human rights abuses in Tibet were unlawful and have seriously damaged China-U.S. relations, China’s foreign ministry said on Monday.
China rejects accusations that it used harsh policies to suppress ethnic dissent and control religious activities in mountainous regions himalayan Tibet region.
The comments came after the US Treasury Department said on Friday it had imposed sanctions on Wu Yingjiethe leader of the Communist Party in power in Tibet between 2016 and 2021, and Zhang Hongbosenior public security official in the region.
Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the moves constitute gross interference in China’s internal affairs and a violation of basic norms of international relations.
“We urge the US side to immediately withdraw the so-called sanctions,” he said.
They have seriously damaged China-US relations, Wang said, adding that China will protect its legitimate rights and interests.
“The United States does not have the right to impose sanctions on other countries at any time and is not qualified to play global police,” Wang added.


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