Snow in US: Winter storm hits states from Arizona to North Dakota | World news

Sweets of the United States have been hit by a powerful snowstorm, with freezing temperatures, blizzards and freezing rain expected for days.

The massive storm system moved through areas of the Northwest, the Great Plains and parts of the Southwest on Monday.

Snow fell as far south as Arizona, New Mexico and parts of California, and as far north as Idaho.

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The storm is expected to slowly drift east across the US to the Northeast where blizzard warnings are expected later this week.

The National Weather Service (NWS) warns of outages through Thursday.

“This developing storm system will lead to many widespread, high-impact weather in the heart of the country this week,” he said.

Blizzard warnings were put in place for parts of Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska this week.

Up to 2 feet (60 cm) of snow and 60 mph wind gusts are expected. A winter storm warning is also in effect in North Dakota.

Pennington County, South Dakota, officials tweeted, “Get shovels handy, grab groceries and check other necessary supplies. Roads will be tough to navigate.”

Schools in Idaho, South Dakota and Nebraska delayed the start of classes or canceled altogether on Monday due to snow.

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The NWS also warned of storms in Minnesota and Wisconsin, where there is a risk of freezing rain and up to a half-inch of icing.

The ice could bring down trees and power lines, causing possible power outages, the NWS said.

Much of Europe was also hit by snow over the weekend, including the UK.

Snow blanketed large parts of London on Sunday night, while seven inches of snow were recorded in Essex.

Parts of northern Europe including Germany and Lithuania were also affected over the weekend.


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