Exclusive! I’ve always dreamed of it, now I’m actually going to the moon: Dev Joshi

TV actor Dev Joshi announced on Friday that he will join the “dearMoon CREW” and take a week-long trip around the moon in a SpaceX rocket next year. The “dearMoon” project was first announced in 2017 and is the first civilian mission to the moon. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has bought all the seats aboard the rocket and recently revealed the names of the eight people who will join him for the all-private lunar enterprise. Dev is one of them and incidentally the youngest of the visitors.

Dev, best known for his show Baalveer in which he acted for 10 years, tells how he applied for this project. Speaking exclusively to the Bombay Times, he says: “I’ve always been interested in learning about space. I enjoy reading about the universe and companies that focus on these topics. So while I was walking around Baalveer in 2021, I came across this post which said that a Japanese billionaire is taking artists into the space. It was a unique opportunity, so I went to their website and applied.”

The 22-year-old actor adds, “The selection process was a very long one. I had to go through physical tests, meetings and interviews, where they wanted to know about me and if I’m fit to go to the moon. I also met Yusaku Maezawa. There were around 10 lakh applications from around the world and there were many rounds before the eight names were finalised. I’ve always dreamed of it and now I’m actually going to the moon. I am extremely happy and excited.”


So what do you think worked in your favor? “My passion for learning helped me. Also, Yusaku Maezawa himself said in an introductory video that I am young, inspiring and motivating for the younger generation in India. That’s one of the reasons why I think they chose me.”


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