New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern caught calling rival politician ‘arrogant p****’ | world news

New Zealand’s prime minister was caught calling a rival politician “arrogant p***k” during a parliamentary debate.

work Jacinda Ardern made the comment as she returned to her seat after a series of questions from Libertarian ACT leader David Seymour.

Through a hot microphone, the vulgarity was picked up in parliament and entered into the official transcript of the debate.

The swearing incident was also shown on Parliament TV but was missed by most MPs when House Speaker Adrian Rurawhe started speaking at the same time.

Ms Ardern’s office said she apologized to Mr Seymour for the remark.

The transcript says Mr Seymour asked: ‘Can the Prime Minister give an example of her making a mistake, properly apologizing for it and fixing it?’

To which Ms Ardern replied: “There have been a number of occasions where we recognize that we will not have perfect answers…

“But I stand by the work we have done as government over the past year and over this past term – we have always made decisions that we believe are in the best interest of New Zealand at the moment. era.

“[Prime minister resumes seat] He’s such an arrogant asshole.”

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“Very out of character”

The 42-year-old has been prime minister for five years and enjoyed high approval ratings for most of her two-term term, but now faces a tough election campaign in 2023.

According to reports, Mr Seymour later confirmed that he had received an apology from Ms Ardern in a text message.

Speaking to AP, the MP said he was ‘absolutely shocked and amazed’ by the Prime Minister’s language and described it as ‘very out of place’.

In a Newshub video report, he added: “Jacinda Ardern texted me and said, ‘I’m sorry. It’s not something I should have said.

“And she said, ‘As my mother would say, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.’ I agree with the sentiment, and everything is fine as far as I’m concerned.”

Sky News has contacted Ms Ardern’s office for comment.


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