3 dead in an explosion north of Baghdad according to the Iraqi army

BAGHDAD: Three members of the Iraqi security forces were killed on Wednesday in an explosion north of Baghdad, the Iraqi army announced.
Staff were killed when an explosive device was detonated during a security operation in the Khan area of ​​Tarmiyah district. A commander of the 59th Infantry Brigade and two others were killed, according to a military statement.
Lieutenant General Qais al-Muhammadawicommander of the Iraqi ground forces, will conduct an investigation in the region into the causes of the explosion, the statement added.
The perpetrators were not immediately known.
Tarmiyah district has witnessed numerous attacks by the Islamic State group since Iraqi security forces, with the help of the US-led coalition, drove out the group in a military operation.
ISIS’s territorial control in Iraq and Syria has been shattered by the years-long campaign, but sleeper cells have carried out attacks that have killed dozens of Iraqis and Syrians.
In Iraq, militants have successfully exploited security loopholes over a patch of territory in the north due to an ongoing dispute between Baghdad and Irbil, the capital of the Kurdish-ruled semi-autonomous region of Iraq.
Iraqi security forces have been ambushed or targeted by improvised explosive devices by the militants.


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