Watch: When Mohammed Siraj cleaned up Litton Das in a fiery duel | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: A pumped-up Mohammed Siraj sweet revenge extract on bangladeshi dough Litton Das the second day of the first test in Chattogram.
Siraj offered an epic response, cleaning up Das after words were exchanged between the two in the second session on Thursday, warranting the referees’ intervention.
The incident took place in Round 14 of the Bangladesh innings when Das was seen giving Siraj a few gestures after playing a defensive shot. This angered Siraj, who then fired back at the batter.
Walking towards Siraj then, Das gestured with his hand over his ears to imply ‘what were you saying?’. The referees quickly reacted to the situation and separated the two players.
But on the next delivery, Siraj cleared Das as the ball hit the end of Das’ bat and crashed into the stumps.
After the dismissal, Siraj celebrated sarcastically with a finger to his lips and mimicked Das’ gesture as he walked back to the clubhouse.


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