Lionel Messi and his all-conquering Argentina team return home to an ecstatic welcome | world news

After winning the World Cup, Argentina returned home to Buenos Aires on Tuesday, with the country declaring the day of the celebration a national holiday.

Thousands of fans lined up in the middle of the night to try and catch a glimpse of the Argentine soccer team that won one of the biggest world Cup finals before what should be a day of celebrations.

Celebrations in Buenos Aires on Tuesday
Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez waves at the finish.  Photo: AP
Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez waves as he arrives

The match saw Lionel Messi and the team take home football’s greatest prize – a victory call for the people of the country.

Messi got off the plane, holding the golden trophy, followed by his team, as they were greeted by fans, journalists and a live band.

The winners will first spend the night at the Argentine Football Association’s training ground, according to state news agency Telam.

“The world champion team will leave Tuesday noon for the Obelisk to celebrate the world title with the fans,” said the Argentine Football Association (AFA) on its official Twitter account.

Argentina celebrates
Argentina celebrate their victory

Swarms of supporters came dressed in the national colors as the atmosphere rumbled with excitement and joy.

Many were seen camping at the training site on Monday ahead of the team’s arrival.

With the team’s highly anticipated return, Tuesday was declared a national holiday in celebration.

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Lionel Messi holds the World Cup trophy in Buenos Aires
Lionel Messi holds the World Cup trophy in Buenos Aires. Photo: AP
Argentina's Lionel Messi holds the FIFA World Cup trophy.  Photo: AP
Argentina’s Lionel Messi holds the FIFA World Cup trophy

The victory marked Argentina’s third World Cup victory and their first since 1986, when the legendary Diego Maradona led the team to victory in Mexico.

“It’s just crazy that it has become a reality this way,” Messi said after his historic victory.

He continued, “I wanted this so badly. I knew God would bring me this gift. I had a feeling this was the one.”

It was a special moment for Messi and a heartbreak for his club teammate Kylian Mbappe who fought until the end, in a match already in progress. described as one of the greatest finals in history.


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