England Head coach Brendon McCullum says removing the fear of failure helped his side’s talent shine through after they became the first Test team to complete a 3-0 shutout in Pakistan tuesday.
England comfortably chased a 167 target to win the third and final game in Karachi, adding to their wins in rawalpindi and Mulan.
The high-risk, high-reward approach that won England nine out of 10 Tests was dubbed ‘Bazball’ in a nod to McCullum’s style, but the New Zealander shifted credit to the new captain . Ben Stokes.

“The edge is very much like the skipper” McCullum told Sky Sports. “He wants guys to come out and play with as much freedom as possible.
“He identified that removing that pressure and fear of failure allows the talent to come out.
“And what we’ve seen over the last seven to eight months is that skill and talent are not at issue with this England team.”
This fearlessness isn’t limited to the pitch, however, with McCullum also showing a bit of moxie on the sidelines.
After a jersey he had signed for a fan got stuck atop a chain-link fence on Monday, the 41-year-old head coach wasted no time in scaling the barrier to retrieve it before to throw it to the other side.
Prior to the tour, England had won just two Tests in Pakistan and it was their first series win in the country since 2000-01.
McCullum said he was “incredibly proud” of the team.
He also praised the 18-year-old Rehan Ahmedwho became the youngest bowler in men’s Test history to win five wickets on his debut.
“He has a real future,” McCullum said.
“He’s been on the radar of English cricket. It took courage for Stokes to push him over to that side. The more willing we are to do it, the better for us.”

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