Activists cut the top of a huge Christmas tree during a climate demonstration in Berlin | world news

Climate activists sawed off the tip of the Christmas tree that stood outside the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

The Last Generation protest group said two of its members used a hydraulic lift and a handsaw to cut two meters from the top of the 15-metre tree and hang a banner.

The banner read, “It’s just the tip of the Christmas tree.”

Activists drove a forklift past the Christmas tree on Pariser Platz at the Brandenburg Gate. Photo: AP
"It's just the top of the Christmas tree" is written on the banner of the militants of the "The last generation".  Photo: AP
A banner read: “It’s just the top of the Christmas tree”. Photo: AP

In a statement, the group said it wanted to stress that Germany is only seeing the “tip” of the climate catastrophe unfolding around the world so far.

Last Generation called on the German government to do more to fight global warming.

Criticizing such protests, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called on activists to be “a little creative”.


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