Serial killer Charles Sobhraj arrives in Paris after his release

PARIS: French serial killer Charles Sobhraj, responsible for multiple murders in the 1970s across Asia, arrived in Paris on Saturday after nearly 20 years in prison in Nepal, an AFP journalist confirmed.
Nepal’s highest court ruled on Wednesday that he should be released on health grounds and deported to France within 15 days. He was released from prison two days later.
On Friday, he boarded a flight at Kathmandu airport to take him to France via Doha. On his arrival in the French capital, he was taken away by the border police for “identity checks”, according to an airport source.
Sobhraj’s life was chronicled in the series “The Serpent” co-produced by Netflix and the BBC.
Born in Saigon to an Indian father and a Vietnamese mother who later married a Frenchman, Sobhraj embarked on a life of international crime and ended up in Thailand in 1975.
Posing as a dealer in gems, he would befriend his victims, many of whom were Western backpackers on the hippie trail of the 1970s, before drugging, robbing and murdering them.
He was implicated in the 1975 murder of a young American woman whose body was found on a beach and was eventually linked to more than 20 murders.
Arrested in India in 1976, he eventually spent 21 years in prison there, with a brief break in 1986 when he drugged prison guards and escaped. It was picked up in the Indian coastal state of Goa.
Released in 1997, Sobhraj lived in Paris, giving paid interviews to journalists, but returned to Nepal in 2003.
A Nepalese court sentenced Sobhraj to life the following year for killing an American tourist Connie Jo Bronzich in 1975. A decade later, he was also convicted of murdering Bronzich’s Canadian companion.


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