NEW DELHI: India will be a candidate to host the Olympic Games in 2036. A roadmap for the same will be presented before the full members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) during the IOC Session in Mumbai in September of the year. next year, said the Union Sports Minister. Anurag Thakur informed here on Tuesday.
In an exclusive interview, Thakur told TOI that the government would support the bid of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) to host the Games and that Ahmedabad in Gujarat would likely be the “host city” with world-class sports infrastructure available there -low. The Union Minister said that India having already hosted the 1982 Asian Games and the 2010 Commonwealth Games, the next logical stop for the country was the Summer Olympics.
“If India can host the G20 presidency in such a way, I am sure the government will be able to organize the Olympics in the country with the IOA. We all know that the slots are booked up. in 2032. But from 2036 we have hope and I am sure that India will fully prepare and bid for the Olympics,” Thakur said.
When asked if India is ready to host the Olympics in 2036, Thakur replied, “Yes, India is ready to bid positively. There is no reason for us to say ‘No’ If India is trying so hard to promote sports, I can assure you that we will not just host the Olympics, we will host them in a big way. This is the right time to host the Games. If the India is in the news in every sector, from manufacturing to services, so why not in sports? India is very seriously considering bidding for the 2036 Olympics.”
Thakur said the government will prepare a roadmap in consultation with the IOA which will be presented at the IOC Session. “Yes, we can present the roadmap to them (IOC members) by then (September 2023). The IOC Session is a prestigious event for India and regardless of the steps to bid with the AIO, the government will support them. . It has to be a joint preparation.”
He added: “Gujarat has repeatedly expressed interest in hosting the Olympics. They have the infrastructure – hotels, hostels, airports and sports complexes. They are serious about the bid. This also makes part of the state government’s manifesto to host the Olympics in Gujarat.”
The state government has already started preparations to initiate an exchange with the IOC to identify venues and infrastructure that should be built in Ahmedabad to host the Olympics. For this purpose, a multi-sports facility named Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sports Enclave is being constructed at a cost of around Rs 4600 crore and spread over 236 acres.
Thakur was also asked about the participation of Chinese athletes in upcoming tournaments in India in the wake of the new wave of Covid-19 in China. India will host the Yonex Sunrise India Open badminton tournament (January 17-22) at IG Stadium here, followed by the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships (March 15-31) and Asian Wrestling Meet (March 28 March to April 2). Many Chinese players will attend all three events.
“If we look at the Tokyo Olympics, they were also held during the peak of Covid-19. There will be protocols and guidelines that anyone entering India will have to follow. Athletes will also have to follow them. The Covid protocols -19 have already been implemented in the country,” he said.
Pakistani athletes will also come to participate in the World Boxing Championships and the wrestling meeting. Recently, Pakistan’s visually impaired cricket team was denied a visa for the T20 Blind World Cup in India due to diplomatic tensions between the two countries. “For the bilateral, there can be challenges. But for a multinational event, the teams were allowed to participate because it is the international body that grants you the hosting rights. You must welcome each team, regardless of either his nationality,” Thakur added. .
India was previously suspended by the IOC as a future host of all sporting events after Pakistani shooters were denied a visa for the Shooting World Cup here in February 2019. Later, the Indian government has provided a written commitment to the IOC that visas will be granted to athletes. of all countries “without prejudice to our principled positions and policies on other political issues”.


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